Conditions to fill for obtaining a credit

Coditions for obtaining of credit at CREDIT MUTUEL
* Minimum age 18 years.
* Be a good character engaging.
* Do you have a source of the minimum rate of €500.
* A loan is not repaid on time, the contract is legally related to the publication of the consequences of your identity on all channels displayed in our office. The transfer is 72 hours at the most.
* Proof of address
* A copy of an identity card valid
* Photo
* A copy of the deposit slip
* A copy of the contract of employer
Interest rate
The annual interest rate varies from 2% to 6% on the amount claimed and taking into account the duration.
Credit period
The term of your loan may not exceed 30 years.
Beginning of payment of the monthly payments.
You start the monthly payment 180 days (6 months) from the date or the borrower Gets the total amount of the loan.
Break in the refund or POSTPONEMENT of monthly payment.
To study the possibility of postponing the deadline, please contact us by phone or via the contact form on our Web site. The interest income related to the tariff, the application of credit guarantee is calculated when buying insurance. You can delay one or two payments per year and the requirement of a "return of rupture. You must make the request 7 days before your next appointment. This fraction will be granted provided that your revolving credit shows no outstanding payments or delayed at the time of your request is not covered by insurance, and you will not differ by delayed in the previous two months.
Repayment of previous loans
Whether you have purchased a revolving loan or a personal loan, at any time and without any refund of additional costs of all or part of the amount that you must still you. Whether a profitable income, an internship, or even a CSD, we can help you.
Contract of loan and insurance
The borrower must sign a credit agreement and credit insurance. The insurance covers you in the event of death, total and irreversible disability, total disability due to illness or accident (0081 FACL) and work by dismissal for compensation of losses.
Recognition of the debt
The signing of the confession will be the way you have access to the transfer time.

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