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This agency is able to provide oversight of the quality in the application submission process online credit.

Our experience in the structuring of financial transactions complicated while taking into account the various interests of partnership, enabled him to reach more than 1 billion dollars in acquisitions and financing.

  • Credit management

  • Business owners

  • Insurance and annuities

  • Secure payment

Our Mission

Our investment principles

Our goal is to maximize the return to investors and to minimize any potential losses by applying these principles in a disciplined and pragmatic process. We rely on facts and not on speculation to buy companies high-performance and predictable reductions compared to the intrinsic values.

Benefits and risks


the benefits of the use of managed funds include the opportunity to get exposure to different asset classes and market sectors.

  • diversification
  • potential wealth generation
  • profitable investment
  • access to a range of assets
  • oriented exhibition
  • underperforming investments
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With many years of experience in the mortgage recovery and credit, "CREDITS INVESTMENT" offers borrowers a personalized study of their online loan application packages. To do this, he relies on his expertise in finance and a wide range of offers best credit institutions. allowing it to offer formulas that meet the needs of borrowers with competitive rates.

The expertise of the "CREDITS INVESTMENT" covers different types of mortgages such as refund loans, the bridge loan, the interest loan, the renegotiation of real rates, rental investment, loan in fine. In terms of buyout loan, it can help borrowers consolidate loans for consumption, renewable credits, tax debts and family, as well as real estate loans. The broker also available to its clients a financial calculator very ergonomic and easy access, which allows to calculate the cost of their mortgages online. In addition, effective and practical simulation tools are available to allow him to study in detail the record of each candidate. "CREDITS INVESTMENT", the ideal partner to take advantage of the best financing solutions.

"Mutuel crédit" guaranteed to people who entrust their records of online application, customized for better conditions of loan financing solutions. Find a credit once resembled an obstacle course. We had to increase travel, go from one agency to another, answer questionnaires and sometimes wait several days to get an indication of the rates and the terms offered. Today, it is much easier: "CREDITS INVESTMENT" offers the possibility of a few minutes to a simulation credit online. "Mutuel crédit" is one of the organizations specialized in brokerage and the purchase of mortgage credit online. This Broker helps people looking for loans to their major real estate projects, benefit of quality support. It offers a service that allows you to take advantage of the best rates in the field of loan and borrowing real.

CREDITS INVESTMENT is the leader of the wealth management industry. Our independent brokerage and RIA services have more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

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