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Financing short term

Unexpected expenses or revenues which are slow to arrive more a problem with our offer of loans in the short term. We distinguish between the conventional and renewable short-term credit. conventional broadcast over a period of 1 year. revolving credit may be extended after each deadline. Short term loans are intended to increase short-term working capital fund (for example buying new assets, acquisition or active buildings). The loan can be obtained in EUR or USD for a period of 3 months to 3 years. in line with your loan needs short-term loans regardless of your situation, you will find the loan short term that will your financial needs. Here are some examples of the many uses of a personal loan to "CREDITS INVESTMENT"

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Support for investments

Capital management for institutions and private investors in the world. Let the investment professionals help you.

Credit management

credit management is the ability of a counsellor or a team of advisers to provide a full range of financial services and products to a comfortable customer in a consultative way.

Stocks, bonds and mutual funds

while stocks are generally investments at greater risk because of the volatility of the market, they offer potentially high returns. Let us help you to manage your portfolio and provide financial advice.

Insurance and annuities

we offer a variety of solutions of leading financial service providers, so that you have many options when making the decision what type of annuity is right for you.

Retirement & College Savings

Finding a balance with your money is a crucial part of personal finance. Saving for retirement does not have to be mutually exclusive from saving for college.

Business owners

You need a financial plan that meets the financial needs of each stage of the life cycle of your business and reflects your personal financial goals and dreams.

Secure payment

You can choose from our full range of managed accounts programs, designed for various levels of investment experience and sophistication.

Medium - Long term financing

Your business develops? You want to buy or expand your facility who are renewing your equipment industrial, material, your vehicles? "Mutual CREDIT" advises you and offers you the most effective solutions for your project funding medium and long term. Short term loans are intended to increase short-term working capital fund (for example buying new assets, acquisition or active buildings). The loan can be obtained in EUR or USD for a period of 3 years to 30 years. solution of local financing for your business without your money buying your business premises, without disturbing your capital? The lease of the property is a particular solution to finance your premises or invest in real estate, and, whatever your sector of activity and type of building. With "CREDIT MUTUEL", you qualify for a 100% financing, as well as tax and financial benefits specific, allowing you to realize your project in the best conditions.

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Overview of services

We offer comprehensive accounts management portfolio, IRA, pension, retirement and other, and manage a portfolio designed to meet your needs.

Account management

because we recognize that savings and investment for retirement is so important, we made a particular commitment to retirement investors. We'll help you get the most out of your plan to achieve your retirement savings.

Bearings IRA

When you transfer assets from pension plans to an IRA managed by our investment company, we will implement an optimal investment strategy to meet your individual needs and help you to enjoy a satisfactory retirement.

Other services

our investment company mainly focuses on investment management, retirement planning, and financial planning. However, our goal is to be able to advise, advise and provide solutions for all the needs of our customers in financial services.

Do you need a credit ?

CREDITS INVESTMENT is the leader of the wealth management industry. Our independent brokerage and RIA services have more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

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